Welcome to the Firewires!

We are a veteran team competing since 2011 but was re-established for the 2018-2019 season. We have 15 members made up of 7th to 10th graders. Scroll down to learn more about our team!



01 / Build

The build committee focuses on building the robot and working with programming and CAD to improve the robot.  We work with CAD to get custom parts that they make for us. Programming works with us to make the robot drive- able and ready for an event. 

02 / Business

The business committee works with other committees to document the team’s journey through the season. They also create a presentation to explain that journey. Among other things, one of the largest commitments of the committee is gathering the patronage of local businesses as sponsors. One of the final tasks of the team is the assembling of a business plan to strategize the growth and success of the team.

03 / Programming
04 / Outreach 
(How We Connect with the Community)

The programming committee focuses on the robot programming and making sure the robot functions properly. They work with the build committee to program certaint parts.

05 / CAD (Computer Aided Design)

CAD stands for Computer Aided Design. We use computers to 3-D design parts for the robot to help do certain tasks that use custom parts . They use Autodesk Inventor to create the 3-D figures to help our robot.

Our main goal is to share the message of STEAM and FIRST with our community and beyond. We have presentation outreaches, where we are explaining all the resources we offer for a specific topic. We also have workshops, in which our audience is actively participating as much as we are speaking. Our developed outreach, Flipping Over STEAM, is a combination of 7 hands-on activities that encourage students to think about teamwork while building with their hands. This summer, we plan on incorporating all of our programs into one book, Firing Up Outreach.

Meet the Firewires

Our Story

Firewires FTC Team #4631 is a veteran team that has been competing since 2011. Initially affiliated with Dodgen Middle School, we are now an independent community team. Our team members consist of students drawn from the grades 7-10 and come from three middle schools and four different high schools. There is 1 student leader (or known as a lead for our team) for every committee and 2 mentors at every committee meeting. There are many parents who are involved as mentors. Almost all programming, building, design and outreach is done by the kids.

Our Motto and Statement

Motto: Fueling our Future

Mission Statement: To encourage the development of future STEAM leaders in our community through robotics and outreach in the fields of science, technology, engineering, art, and math.

Our Technology

Currently, we use android studio to help code and program our robot. We use multiple different codes from older code, and newer code via GitHub. We utilize these codes by refining them to match our game style and attempt to make a flawless code to utilize.




Team Statistics

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Marietta, GA

Grades 7-10

Dodgen Middle School and Walton High School students

15 Members

6 Competitions Attended

Established in 2011

Awards Won: 1

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